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Autoloc 40' Container Spreader

Tandemloc Autoloc® Container Spreadersmake lifting ISO shipping containers simple.

Simple, easy operation allows you to get the job done quickly, saving you both time and money. Superior convenience and operation makes it plain to see how theTandemloc Autoloc® Container Spreaderis the natural choice for your container lifting applications.

WLL: 67,200 LBS

Proof Tested: 125% of the WLL AFTER EVERY RENTAL

Calculated Weight: 4,000 LBS

Standards: Meets ANSI B30.20-2013 and ISO 3874 Specifications.

Operation: TheTandemloc Autoloc®operates strictly through mechanical connections-no hydraulics or electronics are required. Twistlocks will lock and unlock when the sling assembly is slackened, making theTandemloc Autoloc®more convenient than manual spreaders. 4 Leg wire rope slings are included with each spreader for operation.

Tandemloc Autoloc® Container Spreadersare equipped with 4 twistlock bayonets that are simultaneously actuated by the slackening of the 4 legged sling from a fully tensioned position. The bayonets twist approximately 90° each time the 4 legged sling assembly is fully slackened, which causes the twistlock bayonets to alternate between the locked and unlocked positions.

A small diameter cable, called the activator sling, links theTandemloc Autoloc®container spreader's gearbox arm near the center of the spreader frame to the 4 legged sling assembly's master link. NOTE: This activator sling does NOT carry any of the lift load. TheTandemloc Autoloc®system linkage operates the bayonets each time the sling is slackened.


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WLL 67,200 LBS
Calculated Weight 4,000 LBS

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