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10 Inches to 14 Inches Pipe Tong with Autolatch

Diameter Range: 10.0” to 14.0”

Working Load Limit (WLL): 3,000 LBS

Individually Proof Tested: to 125% WLL

Weight: 90 LBS

Finish: Primed & Painted with Marine Grade Two Coat Epoxy Primer and Paint

Operation Mechanism: Tandemloc Autolatch™

The AR12 Series Diameteral Tongs are for handling cylindrical objects such as pipe, round bar, and any other cylindrical item measuring within the WLL and diameter size for which each tong is designed. Our AR12 Series Tongs include the Tandemloc Autolatch™ for easy object engagement. The Tandemloc Autolatch™ allows the tong to engage and capture the load, perform the lift, and then safely disengage from the load upon the placement of the load in its new location without electrical or manual human involvement.

  • Designed to handle cylindrical objects such as pipe, round bar, and other cylindrical objects within the capacity limits and geometric limits of the model chosen.
  • Includes Tandemloc Autolatch™ for safe automatic engagement and disengagement of the load.
  • Gripping shoes provide a load distribution over the lifted item.
  • Load must have sufficient structural capacity to handle compressive force applied during the lift.
  • Shackle connection point at the top of the lifter connects to the crane hook.
  • Designed to be used in a balanced lift.
  • Meets ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 specifications.

If you handle pipe, round bar, or other cylindrical shapes this is why you need to be using a Tandemloc Pipe Tong:

One person operation | Tandemloc Autolatch™ allows automatic grab and release | 100% Individually Proof Tested| Marine Grade Finish | Fully ASME B30.20 Compliant

Always lift pipe or other cylindrical shapes from the object’s center of gravity. User is responsible to ensure the item being handled has the structural integrity to be lifted using this product.


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WLL 3,000 LBS
Calculated Weight 90 LBS

AR12A00 Drawing