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Set of 4 8 Inch Corner Caps

Create a custom spreader frame without paying custom prices or waiting for weeks on end for it to be built.

Tandemloc's Corner Cap Spreader Systems can be used create a custom lifting frame using Schedule 80/EH ASTM A500 Steel Pipe, available through Tandemloc Rentals or from your local steel supplier. Just like Tandemloc's End Cap System, the Corner Cap Spreader System enables you to create the exact frame size needed. It is also extremely protable due to its modular design, enabling users to save drastically on freight costs when compared to a similar fixed frame spreader.

Working Load Limit (WLL) Straight Tension (per corner): 50,000 LBS

WLL @ 45° Sling Angle (per corner): 35,355 LBS

Assembled Frame Proof Test 45° (125% of Straight Working Load): 176,775 LBS

Nominal Pipe Size (Dia.): 8.0"

Pin Hole Dia.: 1.0"

Weight Per Corner: 365 LBS

Finish: Sandblasted, Primer, Safety Yellow Paint

Standards: EAD21000A Applies, Designed and Manufactured to meet or exceed ASME B30.20 and BTH-1, Design Category B, Service Class 0.


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WLL 35,355 LBS (per corner)
Calculated Weight 365 LBS (per cap)

AL03 Drawing 1

AL03 Drawing 2